What constitutes a £30 food parcel for someone in need?

It is the 11th January 2021.

There is a rather excellent person called Marcus Rashford who has been fighting for fair deals for those who have nothing. All he aks for is a meal for those in poverty, and cannot afford to feed their children, that is all. He is a rather prominent footballer who has about 6 million followers on twitter.

The current deal with the government is for a £30 voucher to get food to these families; and I presume that this is being managed by certain food companies rather than give £30 to a family to spend as they see fit.

This appears to be what £30 buys you from this accredited company.

£30 of food for a poor family, of four persons, in 2021?

£30 of food for a poor family, of four persons, in 2021?

Allegedly, a hamper from a company called Chartwells which charges £30, supplies s simple nutritious meal for a family.

The UK, and the caring Tory party await more detail as to the profit that can be made, the amount of tax which an be avoided, and the lack of empathy which can be given – and who in the current Tory party suggested this company as the wonderful company it appears to be.

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