Happy New Year in London 2021

That’s it really. Happy New Year to London 2021.

The year 2020 has been an awful year excepting I am now a grandfather for the first time.

I am near the front of the line for the new Oxford coronavirus vaccine, and then I can get back to wanders around London on the Tube network, I need this more than you can imagine.

As new year rang out, the BBC showed the fireworks and along with Alicia Keys, there were excerpts from Tomfoolery @probstomfoolery , a great young poet I follow on twitter, and also the music of Tom Walker. ‘You’re on mute’ is the new buzz terminology of 2020.

More tomorrow ….

Its the start, it is the 1st of January on the great new year of 2021, as schools open in just three days, all primary schools, excepting those in higher levels of infection, i.e. London and Essex. It is not clear which incompetent is making the final decisions.

All secondary schools and colleges are staying closed until the 18th January. Except those which are taking examinations from the 11th which are opening for these, and those taking BTEC exams by the Pearson group which will start on the 5th January, apparently even in areas of London and Essex, alegedly. No incompetent person has offered clearer advice than this at present.

Who knows, this government does not. We now have different tier four levels, and maybe someone needs to take charge and introduce some guidance on the higher infection rates in different areas, and is there now a tier five or six, or even seven.

Apparently the death rates are over 900 persons for the last days of 2020; and infection rates of over 55,000. This is blamed on a new strain of coronavirus, and not on the incompetence of this current government, or their alleged abilities in spreading government contracts amongst their mates.

And BREXIT has begun, and we look forward to all of its benefits!! Like the thousands of lorry drivers stranded in lorry parks near Dover near the end of last year as France refused entry to lorry drivers without a negative corona test. Who knows what the rules are today. The incompetence just goes on and on.

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