WAKE UP London, another Tory con!

Damn, I meant to get London2012 and got all my numbers mixed up. I was going to talk about the brilliant night, on Thriller Thursday and the para-lympics when we had Johnny Peacock win the gold, to the roar of 100,000 of us cheering him on at Stratford stadium, it was such an amazing experience.

A few years later, Boris gave our Olympic stadium to West Ham, along with free policing, what a great Mayor he was, good at giving stuff away for nothing. It was not that long after that he devised a plan to build a garden bridge across the Thames, and some millions pounds later, possibly paid to friends and associates, the idea was eventually shelved as an expensive white elephant.

Instead, all I have to talk about is London, on the 1st January, 2021 when brexit kicks in, the streets are all dead due to lockdowns, the pubs have all been closed for ages, nearly everyone is wearing a mask, and the occasional bus rumbles past with a hero of a driver keeping our transport links going.

Christmas was cancelled completely, we had been promised five days to spend with our loved ones; but within a few days, London moved to tier 3 with Christmas still OK, to tier 4 and Christmas completely locked down in the matter of three days, and five days before Christmas. What the hell was going on, who is in charge? Clearly no one was in charge, and some deluded and half baked clown was holding everyone to meet their demands, a little like an Austrian chancellor had done so wisely in 1933. He was also popular with the Daily Mail, the flagship newspaper for the eccentric right wing scum.

Meanwhile, All of the doctor surgeries and hospitals are working crazy shifts to get the new covid vaccine immunisations going. They have been working 12 hour shifts in the health clinics with no extra pay, not yet anyway, not until Easter.

All the spare cash was frittered away by our current ‘government in chief’ paying vast ransoms to their mates to buy ppe at vastly inflated prices from non-existent companies (until a few days earlier).

And the ferry companies which did not own any ships, and all very transparently put out to tender to – their mates only, oh, and Tory sponsors. They also received a massive slice of the taxpayers money.

And someone voted this lot in, and blamed London for all their sins.

What a glorious mess. And you lot put this guy into power because you thought he was funny. There is funny, and incompetence due to sheer lack of intelligence, and then a mix of the funny / stupid in explaining his total transparency of his mates suddenly receiving tax payers money to the tune of millions of pounds to fulfill random golden contracts.

And Marcus Rashford has to beg for £200,000 to cover the costs of school meals for our starving kids whilst these crooks would burn fifty pound notes in front of the homeless. And Boris gives Dominic Ciummings a £45,000 pay rise instead of sacking him for breaking all of Boris rules on lockdpwn restrictions; and he also pays his personal photographer another £100,000 a year. But hungry school kids are not worth this payment, and he tells Marcus Rashford to go away.

And on October 22nd 2010, the commons voted for a vote to support those who needed our support. A governnment is placed in power to serve us, not kill off the weak, that was the previous role of the Nazi party in 1933 and onwards.

In 1933, the Jews and gipseys, and those with disabilities were targeted, and exterminated in their millions. In 2010, a very large group of Tory Members of parliament chose to vote against feeding a hungry child. You cannot make this story up, here is a list of those in the Tory party who should be ashamed of themselves by choosing to vote to starve children .

And those on benefits are stil waiting five weeks before any payments arrive. Can you imagine having no money for five weeks?

There are currently 4.2 million children in the UK who are living in poverty. This number has increased considerably since the Tory party took office, unsurprisingly, and is set to go much higher. This is despite the UK being the sixth richest nation in the world.

There is obviously an inequality in the system, and this is not a north / south divide. It is an Tory versus poor divide.

OK, and the New York Times has a story about the contracts which appear to have been created to deal with ppe, and the procurement of the same. It is alleged that there were about 21 billion pounds spent on ppe in the covid crisis in 2020 by the current Tory government which was mismanaged by the Tory leader and clown, Boris Johnson.

Of this incredible amount of money spent, over half of the contracts were offered to friemds and sponsors of the current Tory party. Also interesting is that these contracts were given to companies which had no prior expertise in the area.

We await the absolutely crippling effects of brexit which will begin on January 1st 2021 when we leave without a deal. The current leaders of the Tory party and other inept members of this government continue on the same track of telling stories about any outcomes, and refusing to admit they don’t have a clue in what they are doing. It is all part of their orchestrated plan to use ignorance as a means of spending fortunes on unreliable companies, often run by their mates, or their neighbours, or somebody they met in a pub, allegedly.

The latest farce comes in plans for Christmas, as millions of people look forward to a well earned break and some time with their extended families.

You could not make up a story where at the last moment, the entirety of the UK is banned from sharing christmas meals due to the complete lack of forward planning of an entirely ignorant Tory leadership. I could not have written this better as a panto, except most pantos are currently banned (except on zoom).

And you voted these morons into power, well done.

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  1. Yep one heck of a glorious mess but as we enter a new year -onwards and upwards -it surely can not get any worse -good luck with your new blog

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